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I Think, You Think, We’re Good!

We're Good!

” Well,  I told her, the guy that picks up your package is not the same guy that delivers it to Phoenix.”

“Why not?” she asked.

“Because, I said rolling my eyes, Phoenix is about 1,580 miles or about a 24 hours drive from Portland and it is too far for any one person to drive in one night and be back to start work again the next day.”  

“Well, who did take it there?” she said kinda snottily.

Very slowing and clearly I told her that her company only pays to have us fly her branch’s pouches to their main office in Riverside, Ca.  And, that her items were combined and sorted with thousands of other companies items in a very large sort center in Burbank, CA. 

“Well, aren’t we your only customer?” she cried.

“Uh, no”. ” But once it reaches Riverside, your main office will read the label and re-route to your Phoenix office. 

“What label?  I just put the box on top of the other stuff for the driver to take.”

“Did he take it?”

“Duh, Yah.”

“So let me get this right.”  “You put a plain old box without an address on it  into the system and was expecting it to reach its destination?” 

“Duh, Yah.”

“So how were we suppose to know where it was going?”  “And you said that you sent it two weeks ago?”

“I don’t  care anymore.  That is your problem.  I need that box delivered.”

After that delicious conversation, I started calling around to all the places it could be.  I called the sort center.  I called their main office.  I called their Phoenix office.  Everyone one kept asking me, was the package addressed correctly?  “NO!” I told everyone.  It will take a lot of therapy to get over all their laughter. 

Well, it been a few weeks since “The Incident” and nobody really knows what happened to that box.  So here it is:

1.  Address all packages or extra envelopes just like it is going through the U.S. postal system mail!

2.  Better yet, photocopy your pouch label.  It has all the tracking bars codes on it,  then attach it to the box or envelope.

3.  If something doesn’t get where it’s suppose to be the next day, Call Us Now!  Do not wait two weeks.

4.  Better yet, call us ahead of time to let us know that you are sending something extra to somewhere outside your contracted delivery area. 

I know that we are good, but good enough to read your mind.  Not yet anyways.


If seems like everyday someone calls our office to request on demand service or to set up an account.  So we go through our whole process of setting them up and when we are almost finished the customer will often tell me, “‘you guys are so nice”.  “Other delivery companies are so cold or they just don’t pay attention to my needs.”  What!?  Serving the customer is the point, isn’t it?  Then, I wonder, how long were they dealing with someone that didn’t put them first? 

Every few months, I put my employees through customer service training.  As tortuous as it may sound, I do.  I tell my employees that 5 star service and attitude is free to give and we should give it to our customers.  I think custmers appreicate it.  I know I do when I order something.  So just remember, when you want something delivered with a smile, remember CMF.  Of course, if we aren’t charming & pleasant, it was someone elses fault! 

5 Star Service From CMF!

CMF Delivery Could Have Saved This!

I was talking to a friend, of a friend, the other day when they told me this horrible amazing story.  The story goes like this;  this construction company had a bid deadline on some mega big job that was really, really important to them.   The company owner needed to send someone with the bid ASAP to the company requesting the bid offers.  So the company owner  looks around his office and see that the receptionist is not doing much and tells her to go and deliver the bid.  So she gets in the car and gets half way to her destination (can you feel it coming ?) when BAM!!  She is hit from behind on the freeway.  Needless to say, the receptionist is injured, she is in the hospital, her car is totalled, the bid does not get to its destination on time and they lose the bid!  I don’t know how much this is gonna cost this company owner, but it gonna cost him ALOT!  Wokers Comp, liability insurance, loss of business, future insurance rate increases and that poor girls pain and suffering.    If they had just called CMF Delivery, we could have saved this day for that company owner.  We would have charged that guy maybe $28.00.  Sometimes, people just don’t think through these things.  The guys at CMF have been in the delivery business for over 35 years.  This is what we do.    I hope that girl gets better!

CMF Delivery

We are always ready to take your orders.

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