CMF Delivery Could Have Saved This!

I was talking to a friend, of a friend, the other day when they told me this horrible amazing story.  The story goes like this;  this construction company had a bid deadline on some mega big job that was really, really important to them.   The company owner needed to send someone with the bid ASAP to the company requesting the bid offers.  So the company owner  looks around his office and see that the receptionist is not doing much and tells her to go and deliver the bid.  So she gets in the car and gets half way to her destination (can you feel it coming ?) when BAM!!  She is hit from behind on the freeway.  Needless to say, the receptionist is injured, she is in the hospital, her car is totalled, the bid does not get to its destination on time and they lose the bid!  I don’t know how much this is gonna cost this company owner, but it gonna cost him ALOT!  Wokers Comp, liability insurance, loss of business, future insurance rate increases and that poor girls pain and suffering.    If they had just called CMF Delivery, we could have saved this day for that company owner.  We would have charged that guy maybe $28.00.  Sometimes, people just don’t think through these things.  The guys at CMF have been in the delivery business for over 35 years.  This is what we do.    I hope that girl gets better!

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